Mary Poppins

Showing at Greenwich Picturehouse for one practically perfect weekend

Reviews of Mary Poppins:

Julie Andrews pictured at the Mary Poppins premiere in 1964 next to Walt Disney and P.L Travers, author of Mary Poppins

"The sets are luxuriant, the songs lilting, the scenario witty but impeccably sentimental, and the supporting cast only a pinfeather short of perfection." - Time, 1964

"A most wonderful, cheering movie… For the visual and aural felicities they have added to this sparkling color film—the enchantments of a beautiful production, some deliciously animated sequences, some exciting and nimble dancing and a spinning musical score—make it the nicest entertainment that has opened at the Music Hall this year." - The New York Times, 1964

"A lavish modern fairy tale celebrated for its amazing special effects, catchy songs, and Julie Andrews's legendary performance in the title role.” - Rotten Tomatoes (96% rating with a score of 8.4/10)

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