Nescafé Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

This is a product that has saved my morning on many occasions! Standing at just over 30cm tall and about 15cm wide it’s compact and easily placed on a desk or shelf without taking up much space. The machine is also pretty lightweight, making it great for when you need to move it – whether that’s to another room or another city like I recently did. It’s smooth edges and rounded design makes it pleasing to look at as well as being ergonomic and nice to use, there are no sharp edges or corners to catch yourself on.

It’s also very simple to use with a 3 step process which is actually my favourite thing about the product. It feels like I’m my own little barista when I swap the pods round and choose the correct setting with the slide scale at the top; maybe it’s because I’ve never been a barista but how fun?! It’s also incredibly quick and takes less than a minute from start to finish – a big factor in the mornings. There’s a movable shelf that can be adjusted to different heights depending on how tall or short your mug is and this is easy to clip on and off to clean.

Finally, there are no written words or numbers on the product so anyone in the world would be able to use it, as well as those with sight limitations as there’s no need to read anything its all done by moving the sliding scale at the top. The different settings are also embossed so users can feel the correct one to use. The little lever that boils the water is also easy to find and easy to use without necessarily seeing where it is.

Glossier Facial Cleanser Bottle

My second item is something I also use daily – my beloved facial cleanser from Glossier. This product is the perfect size to hold in your hand, both in height, width and weight you can easily hold it and use the pump function with one hand. The finish of the bottle is very smooth which is great because water runs off it easily and doesn’t require any cleaning. The pump at the top is firm to press which means that you don’t waste product by squeezing out too much but again it’s easily done with one hand. The overall look of the product is very minimalist which fits with the brand image which has lots of clear packaging and a clean, sleek look. The fact that the bottle is clear is another great design choice because it allows you to see when you’re reaching the end of the bottle. The nozzle at the top is the perfect size and sticks out far enough from the bottle that it doesn’t dribble down the side which again saves from wasting product.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Can

The can is smooth and sleek and fits nicely in my hand, in comparison to bigger and heavier hairspray cans it’s much easier to hold. The lid is very thin and shiny and fits without clicking in place, it’s flat along the top so you could stand it upside down if you wanted to get the last of the product. The nozzle is also rounded in shape, with no jagged edges making it easy and comfortable to press down on to spray. On the section that gets pressed to make the product work, there are slightly raised lines to help with grip as well as to guide non-sighted people as to which way the can is facing. The actual spraying part of the nozzle is very small and flat against the rest of the top so that no product trickles down the outside of the can like so often happens with hairspray, making it sticky to hold. The design on the can has been printed on rather than stuck on with a sticker or wrapper which is much more user friendly because the ink doesn’t come off on your hands when handling it, it also doesn’t rub off the instructions or ingredients as well as not peeling off and looking scruffy or causing injury with sharp plastic.

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