As I cleared out my inbox this week (a long overdue task) I came across a whole host of emails from various post graduate programmes, universities and other related topics. These went back as far as 2018 (I know, how have I not sorted out my inbox before now?) and that’s nearly A WHOLE FIVE YEARS AGO! It hit me that now, as I’m sat at my desk writing a blog post for an academic reason that maybe, just maybe I might have achieved one of my dreams? Isn’t life bizarre sometimes?

To be honest, I thought about doing a Masters every year since I graduated the first time, all the way back in 2014. One of the reasons I never did it before was the difficulty in finding a course that I really wanted to put the time, energy and money into – what can I say its the indecisive Gemini in me. Instead, I travelled across Western Europe with my best friend, creating memories that will last a life time – don’t get either of us started on the sickness bug that struck us down. Following this, I earned more than my stripes in the customer service industry gaining a deeper understanding of human behaviour than I thought possible. I will die on the hill that sees everyone work in a service industry at least once in their lives.

Along comes 2017 and I travel across North America going from East to West, experiencing some of the most beautiful places from the bright lights of New York, dancing in the streets of New Orleans, the stunning night sky over Monument Valley to the beauty that is California – LA included. And of course, falling in love with every single one. From Los Angeles I casually hopped, skipped and jumped down to Australia. I explored Melbourne, travelled the Great Ocean Road and adventured through South Australia and Coober Pedy up to Uluru and even stepped foot in the Northern Territory; feeding kangaroos and sleeping under the Milky Way as I went. After a casual pitstop in Fiji I settled in Sydney where I met my best friend and subsequently left a piece of my heart.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that all of that exploring and soul searching and learning and growing basically bought me to where I am today. And the timing of it all is meant to be. I’ve also wanted to live in London for as long as I can remember and getting to live here now (despite the state of the country and how expensive it is to breathe) is something I will never take for granted. The views of the city and the walks through the park will never get old. I don’t think I’d be nearly as equipped to do this Masters now without all the adventures that lead me here. So that’s my story, come along with me for the crazy ride that’s about to start!

View of the City from Cutty Sark

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