Hello! Welcome back to another instalment of websites Sophie thinks are pretty.

Wicked – West End Musical

First up we have a website for the West End musical, Wicked. The site uses two fonts both of which are sans-serif which creates a modern feel and it differentiates between headings and body text with the use of capital letters. The sans-serif font is clear and easy to read which is especially useful if English isn’t your first language and you’re using the site in the UK whilst on holiday.

The background of the site is black with the text either being white or green to fit the theme of the musical which is easy to read against the contrast of the black.

Minnow – Restaurant in Clapham

This website uses both a sans-serif font and a serif font. The serif font which gives a more formal atmosphere which fits with the nature of the restaurant. Again the use of capital letters has been used for the headings in the header section as well as the sections of the drop-down menus. Sentence case has been used for the body text.

Sans-serif has been used for main headings that are layered on top of photos which makes it easier and clearer to read. Using only two fonts keeps things cohesive and easier for the user to navigate rather being distracted by too many different fonts and being confused with the importance of different information.

Anthropologie – Clothing and Lifestyle Brand

This website uses two fonts – one serif and one sans-serif. The Serif is used for article headings to show a difference between those and things to do with the headings for the shopping categories. The Sans-serif is used for headings such as “About Us”, “Email Sign Ups” and “More to Explore” which are more to do with navigating the website and external information than direction to do with products.

The main body text font is the lowercase version of the Anthropologie logo font which fits with the branding. In some places, over images, capital letters have been missed from the start of category names which is probably more for a modern, informal effect than anything else.

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