First up we have the iconic Cadbury purple. The website uses the dark purple as the main colour throughout, with highlights of lighter purple for some menu options and then white for the main body text and main menu. The colour purple symbolises wealth, richness, quality, luxury – all things that Cadbury wants their chocolate to be assosiated with. Using adjacent colours is a good way to keep a strong theme, particularly in this example where the purple shade is so iconic and intrinsic to the brand. The rest of the colour comes from images of the product which against the plain background really makes them stand out as well as looking inviting – important for when you can order products on a website.

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow also uses the same shade of purple as Cadburys – probably for the same reasons as mentioned above. They want travelling with them to feel like an enriching and luxurious experience. They also use white as well as dark grey for the text on the site with yellow being the highlight colour for icons, navigation and important information. Yellow is opposite purple on the colour wheel making it a great choice for a contrasting colour.

Detroit Pizza

This website is for a pizza place in Shoreditch and if you haven’t been you need to run there. It was SO GOOD. Definitely the best pizza I’ve had in London… maybe in the whole of the UK. The colours for this site are patriotically American – red, white and blue which fits with their logo that also has these three colours. The background of every page is white and then the text is dark grey. The blue banners have white text which stands out nicely and is easy to read. The red is used for pizza names, clickable buttons like for the menu or to order and is also used for quotes.

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