Cornmarket Delicatessen Revisited – Analysis

Original Site Analysis For the original Cornmarket Delicatessen site, I feel it had a clean and inviting design and fresh use of colours however more could have been done to ensure correct colour contrast. This is particularly noticeable in the footer with the white copy against the peach background and colour contrast is something I […]

HTML <details> Element by Jess and Sophie

Introduction According to MDN Web Docs, “The <details> tag is a disclosure widget in which information is visible only when the widget is toggled into an “open” state. A disclosure widget is typically presented onscreen using a triangle that rotates (or twists) to indicate open/closed status with a label next to the triangle.” In other […]

UXD and Me

Introduction This essay aims to deepen my knowledge of User Experience Research (UXR) and User Experience Design (UXD) and will explain how I will apply the relevant research and design methods to my major project. Giving a brief explanation of the work covered in the UX sessions with Steph Troeth and Chris How, this essay […]

Three Designed Websites – Colour

Cadbury First up we have the iconic Cadbury purple. The website uses the dark purple as the main colour throughout, with highlights of lighter purple for some menu options and then white for the main body text and main menu. The colour purple symbolises wealth, richness, quality, luxury – all things that Cadbury wants their […]

Three Websites – Typography

Hello! Welcome back to another instalment of websites Sophie thinks are pretty. Wicked – West End Musical First up we have a website for the West End musical, Wicked. The site uses two fonts both of which are sans-serif which creates a modern feel and it differentiates between headings and body text with the use […]

Dear Design Student…

A few things to remember from A Designers Code of Ethics by Mike Monteiro: “You are responsible for what you put into the world. It has your name on it.” “Asking ourselves why we are making something is an infinitely better question than asking ourselves whether we can make it.” “Encourage criticism in order to […]