Three Designed Objects

Glossier Facial Cleanser Bottle

Glossier Facial Cleansing Bottle

My second item is something I also use daily - my beloved facial cleanser from Glossier. This product is the perfect size to hold in your hand, both in height, width and weight you can easily hold it and use the pump function with one hand. The finish of the bottle is very smooth which is great because water runs off it easily and doesn't require any cleaning. The pump at the top is firm to press which means that you don't waste product by squeezing out too much but again it's easily done with one hand.

The overall look of the product is very minimalist which fits with the brand image which has lots of clear packaging and a clean, sleek look. The fact that the bottle is clear is another great design choice because it allows you to see when you're reaching the end of the bottle. The nozzle is the perfect size and sticks out far enough from the bottle that it doesn't dribble down the side which again saves from wasting product.